Everybody’s Dead, Dave: The moment when Kenton realizes that

26 Oct Everybody’s Dead, Dave: The moment when Kenton realizes that

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Green Eyed Monster: Despite being thankful for Thane, Garrus can’t help but feel jealous when he knows Shepard trained with him the whole time he stayed in the battery. Before that, Mierin envied Sidonis for being Garrus’s favorite. Greed: Not actually written in the story, but according to Word of God, Sidonis joined Archangel’s team largely for wealth.

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Khrissalla enters the tent like a supermodel on a catwalk. Everybody’s Dead, Dave: The moment when Kenton realizes that he’s the last Sand Master alive gets a double page spread of him standing in a field of corpses. Fair Cop: Tract Ais is quite comely.

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