Yakumo Saryo (website in Japanese) is a private

16 Aug Yakumo Saryo (website in Japanese) is a private

Also squeezed in there was some shopping and some very fine dining.Our team there are like family to us and Tokyo feels like a home away from home. Here are a few of my recent discoveries and old favourites in Tokyo.Yakumo Saryo (website in Japanese) is a private, members only restaurant that’s heavenly. It’s in the most unexpected of locations in a quiet Prada Bags Replica, suburban street with a high https://www.replicapradabagsonsale.com, concrete wall overflowing with established trees surrounding it.Through the small wooden gate one finds oneself in the most beautiful of gardens with a softly lit twisting path leading up to the beautiful house itself.It’s an old home that’s been transformed into a restaurant with just two private dining rooms, one of which has floor to ceiling windows looking into the wall of greenery that is the garden.The home retains the 30s Japanese feel of the building while having the most gentle of modern, minimalist hands applied; cream and woody and rounded rather than formulaic and hard.I was treated to a 10 course degustation menu with matching wine and sake.

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