“So what has judo got to do with overcoming social

12 Jul “So what has judo got to do with overcoming social

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replica handbags online It may not work for everyone, but when combined with some of the Outer Game skills, I have seen it work wonders (particularly that other articles often portray).Now, I used to train for national competitions in judo, and one thing that is essential to learn in martial arts is balance and breathing.”So what has judo got to do with overcoming social awkwardness?” I hear you say. Well, I won’t go into all the details, but here’s the thing, when someone is ‘in their head’ (you know, running all those scenarios in that make you feel anxious and then block you from saying anything intelligible), a funny thing happens. Their center of gravity shifts upwards ever so subtly, and they become top heavy and off balance. replica handbags online

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