The flames seemed dependent upon wind

29 Jun The flames seemed dependent upon wind

Take the impact on a high school student of purchasing an Invisible Children T shirt versus a Quicksilver T shirt. These shirts cost the same and both have a great design, but one is from a for profit surfing lifestyle brand Christian Louboutin UK Shoes, and the other is from a nonprofit trying to end the longest running war in Africa through a grassroots movement supported in part by money made off of the same T shirt. Invisible Children makes you part of the movement, and allows you to tell yourself and others a specific story, one that connects you to the solution of one of the world’s problems.

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American Horror Story was a hit for sure, but I think it will appeal to a certain kind of television viewer. Fans looking for a quick horror fix will probably be disappointed, while viewers who shy away from really, really dark material will probably find it too intense. It kind of makes Dexter look like a sitcom..

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