That moment of triumph is long passed

12 May That moment of triumph is long passed

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Fake Celine Bags When Snap exploded onto the scene two years ago with the dance club smash “The Power,” what made this German based combo’s sound so exciting was the audacity with which it mixed hip hop and house taking freely enough from both styles to create a sound of its own. That moment of triumph is long passed, however, and the sound Snap offers on its second album, “The Madman’s Return,” is as pedestrian as it is predictable. Not only do the group’s ideas seem tired, but there’s no spark to the performances, and that’s as true of Soul II Soul rip offs like “Money” as it is of pro forma house numbers like “Rhythm Is a Dancer.” In fact, the only track that comes even VTC close to the group’s early vigor is “Colour of Love,” and that’s more a function of the mix than the music.. Fake Celine Bags

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