I can imagine Little Leaguers wouldn want to put on RailRiders

05 Apr I can imagine Little Leaguers wouldn want to put on RailRiders

Halonen, 15, of Howell, MI and Sylvia R. Lesperance, 16, of Howell wholesale nfl jerseys http://www.ccmjerseys.com/, MI. Vincent’s Hospital in Toledo with non life threatening injuries. I can imagine Little Leaguers wouldn want to put on RailRiders team shirts for their games. Hey, all of us who are baseball fans remember what Little League team we played for back in the day. (Go Llewellyn Pharmacy, the 1989 Avoca/Dupont Little League champions, in reality if not on the trophies.) It would make for a fun memory for a lot of kids to be able to look back and say they once played for the RailRiders, if only when they were 12..

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