Everyone’s going hard and the actual game was really neat

29 Mar Everyone’s going hard and the actual game was really neat

But after one practice, you get used to it. Everyone’s going hard and the actual game was really neat. Playing in an NBA gym [United Center] was something I’d never done before. Graham Fenton plans to be in town at least through the December run of “Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers,” as is wife, Nicole Kaplan, is a co star in that production.Some of the principals are already booked to leave. Jason Kappus (who played Bob Gaudio in the finale) is headed back to New Jersey. And Jason Martinez, an original member of the Vegas cast, embarks on a somewhat familiar path: He’ll be backing Valli as a member of the Four Seasons lineup beginning in January.Days before the “Jersey Boys” finale, during dinner at Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris, Martinez mentioned those plans and was reminded that Valli himself is booked at the Pearl at the Palms on Feb.

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