That’s why Allen is continually marketing and perfecting her

19 Mar That’s why Allen is continually marketing and perfecting her

Speaking to presspersons on the sidelines of a function in the city, he said making Goa a fully cashless State was not possible, desirable or intended. “So far, around 26,000 people had been sensitised to cashless transactions at various fora. Around 600 point of sale [PoS] machines have been established, 2,700 vendors have gone on UPI [unified payment interface] machines.

Fleming said he and his fiancee, Ann McKinney, were about two thirds of the way to Medora when Ann’s mother called her and told her that hail was coming into the house and hitting the bathtub in their home. He said they quickly turned around and came back to Killdeer, only to find most of their back windows blown out and the backyard torn apart with dead birds lying in what little was left of his garden. The hail came in at such high speeds that it pelted the ground, leaving divots that were up to 2 inches deep..

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