Most 61 per cent would be prepared to pay up to 10p

25 Jan Most 61 per cent would be prepared to pay up to 10p

The held its second event on February 1 at the with 249 participating teams from nearly thirty schools in the region. Lone angler championed the tournament with his 14.92 lb limit. Unlike their first tournament in December, it was a gorgeous day to fish with temps tickling the 70 degree mark and gentle breezes.

Ragbrai will be in Red Oak for an overnight stop and will travel through Villisca on the 20th of July. Darwin has been hard on work putting little ghosts on bicycles and making signs to cheer the riders on. If you have a chance to get down there it should be a fun day!Thanks to all of you who responded to the invitation to the overnight event on July 30th! We sold out within just a couple of days.

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