Dining Venues

Main Dining Hall

(Continuous, Unlimited Returns)

Campus Center

25 Unique Dining Stations

The Main Dining Hall features full service and interactive dining stations. Interactive dining stations allow students to create their own dishes from a variety of fresh ingredients, preparing their dishes with the amounts they desire. Twice a semester, our executive chef on campus will run demonstration cooking classes teaching students how to enhance their understanding of cooking and eating healthy!

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Cash / Flex Boutique Dining Stations in Campus Center

 BYOB at Highlander Pub

A great place to “hang out” with fellow students while enjoying university activities. Specialty sandwiches along with traditional pub style selections are served in a relaxing atmosphere.

Tech Café

Starbucks brand coffee & products, pre-made sandwiches, desserts.

C-Store express

Wide variety of convenience store items, including Grab-n-Go sandwiches, salads, Kosher meals, and bottled beverages.

Bonsai Sushi

Made to order Sushi Rolls, Specialty Rolls & Sashimi, Seaweed Salad


Delicious, fresh pizza

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Brand Tex Mex.

The Grill

Wide variety of grill items and Halal items.

 Farm to Campus Salads

Made to Order salads “tossed” right in front of your eyes.

Gourmet Sandwich Shop

Boars Head brand sandwich shoppe.

Village Market & Highlander Pizza

Located At 156 Warren Street

Full Boar’s Head Deli & Grill

Grab’n Go

Salad Bar & Soups To Go

Hot & Cold Beverages

Cereal, Pasta & other Grocery Items

Gluten Free Selections

Desserts & Frozen Foods

Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies